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SAFRAS & Mercado offers new services of agricultural and financial information for intranets, restricted sites and vendors. Our company works for 26 years following the main agricultural markets in Brazil and South America.
We have created this package of services to provide you with an exclusive and updated coverage of the most important facts during the day in the markets of the main commodities of Brazil and of interest for the foreign market.
The format of such news was specially developed by companies that broadcast information via intranet, vendors and sites restricted to subscribers that are focused on specialized information of agricultural and financial markets. In the package of content for third parts, information may be subscribed separately or together, divided in 4 parts:
A) Exchange - B) Agricultural News - C) Weather - D) Market Analyses

A - EXCHANGE - U.S. Dollar (US$) x Real

  • Price of Real currency towards dollar: commercial dollar, unofficial dollar, tourism
    dollar and PTAX850 - average US$ of Central Bank of Brazil (sale). Updated every hour
    every 5 minutes, as demanded (except for PTAX850 dollar, updated at the end of the day.
  • Data Base of the last 12 months in txt format files. Sent once.
  • Monoactive graphs, which may include building JAVA or GIF graphs, in scale of
    absolute or percentage value (intraday and daily, back to up to 12 months).
  • Ticker Tape: system of prices at ticker format (created in JAVA).

FREE TRIAL AND PRICES: Write to and ask for it

B - AGRICULTURAL NEWS - snapshots of agricultural market

  • Area of news of the agricultural market include coffee, soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, sugar, black beans, rice, orange juice, cocoa and related topics, updated on-line, with an average of 30 news a day. Updated during the day, at every 10 minutes. News are sent to clients under TXT file format. Or XML, through FTP.

FREE TRIAL AND PRICES: Write to and ask for it


  • Satellite Images, news (in average, 15 news a day), maps of temperatures and rainfall. Updated during the day. Formats for transmission: GIF files for images and maps; TXT or XML files for news, through FTP.
  • Weather Forecast for the major 2232 agricultural cities in Brazil, with highest and lowest temperatures, maximum and minimum rainfall, 24, 48 and 72 hours earlier. Under
    continued ticker format, including temperatures and rainfall conditions for the Brazilian
    capitals. Updated during the day, sent through TXT or XML files, through FTP.

FREE TRIAL AND PRICES: Write to and ask for it

D - MARKET ANALYSES - daily, weekly, biweekly
(only for intranets and restricted sites)

  • Daily, weekly or biweekly analyses of agricultural markets in Brazil and South America, specialized per commodities. The following table presents analyses per crop, how often they are released, and language:
Analyses per Crop Daily
Soybean Market Yes Yes   English
Cattle Market Yes - Yes English
Chicken Market Yes - Yes English
Hogs Market Yes - Yes English
Coffee Market Yes Yes - English
Wheat Market Yes Yes - Portuguese
Chicago Board of Trade Yes - - Portuguese
Corn Market Yes Yes - Portuguese
Sugar Market Yes - Yes Portuguese
Cotton Market Yes Yes - Portuguese
Black Bean Market Yes Yes - Portuguese
Rice Market Yes   Yes Portuguese

Customized information for your company's website.

- Economic indicators (national and international)
- Loans, financing and interest rates
- Exchange rates (with currency conversion system)
- Indexes of world stock exchanges
- Economic news (national and international)
- Analyses of the financial market
- Prices of stocks, American bonus, brady bonds, ADRs and gold Investment funds
- Ticker
- Comparative Graphs
- Stock Exchange Indexes

- Conversion system of farm units
- Historical data base
- Dynamic graphs/charts in java and gif technology
- Ticker tape system
- Currency conversion system
- Beeping system of personal portfolio
- Investment simulator (Game Trader)
- Comparative system for assets profitability

- Soybeans, coffee, wheat, corn, cotton, sugar, alcohol, hogs, chicken, cattle, rice and black beans.
- Prices in commodity exchanges (national and international)
- News (national and international)
- Future market analyses
- Physical market prices
- Weather (Brazil and South America)
- Technical Analyses
- Commodities Prices
- Maps of Temperatures and Rainfall

Examples of content model
Online News
Java/Gif Graphs
Comparative Graphs
Graphic Analysis Simulator
Technical Analyses

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